UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)
Inspection service of Wind Ernergy Converter (e.g. blade and tower) inspections with high definition videos and pictures with laser scale.

  • Active Collision Prevention SystemVspect_Drohne 001
  • Flight Time 25 min
  • Up to 10 m/s wind speed
  • Close distance flights 1.8m
  • HD 4k video/pictures with 4096x2160 resolution
  • Thermography FLIR TAU 2 simultaneously with 4k


ROV (remote operated vehicle)
The use of our ROV allows visuel Inspection service up to 100 m depth. The small dimentions of the ROV allows access to difficult areas as well.

  • Micro ROV till 100 m depthVspect_ROV 001
  • US Thickness measurement
  • Use for visual inspections
  • Enclosed spaces flight through 190 mm